Just a tech loving geek!

Charlie Porth is just a tech loving geek trying to put my passion to good use! Charlie's love for tech in 3rd grade. Charles Porth started by taking electronics apart and that's how Charlie Porth learned hardware. Then in 6th grade Charlie Porth started soldering and Charlie became a pro at fixing just about anything. In 9th grade Charlie learned how to program and is all self taught - Charlie currently knows 19 programming languages. In sophomore year of high school Charlie Porth turned that passion into the sysAdmin/cybersecurity (system admin) and setup 3 Ubuntu Linux servers and started his own server automation. At the moment Charlie has started his own business (link below). A boss once said "Charlie Porth is a hard working determined engineer who's love for computers and STEM started young and has progressed and stayed steady 2 decades. He's determination means he will be the first one at work and the last one to leave and sometimes that means 0300AM bug fixes. I've seen the security cameras "

Charlie Porth's love for STEM really started when he was in 3rd grade back in 2006. Charlie Porth started using Snap Circuit to build radios (transmitter and receiver for both AM and FM radios), power fans, power lights, and ending up memorising circuit symbols and knowing circuit tolgerinces because of that fact that Charlie would overpower them. Charles' experience then transferred to low level firmware and low level software with Arduino around 6th grade or 2010. Charlie Porth learned to be a software guy as much as a hardware guy. In 8th grade Charles Porth got a job with his schools IT department known as DMTS. Edina Public Schools gave Charlie Porth an IT experience along with computer hardware experience. That same summer Charlie Porth learned how to program Java, C, and C++. From there Charles Porth worked summers at Octane Fitness as a contracted Quality Technician and IT personal. In 10th grade or 2015 Charles Porth started to dive right into cybersecurity and joined Edina's 1816 the Green Machine. Charlie had set his goal to become a White Hat hacker and work on bug bounties. Charlie Porth continues all of these practices and dive into more every day. Charlie Porth recently have programmed with quantum computers and knows 19 programming languages now, along with building computer and low level circuits.